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Our Business Ethics Policy

Jasper Global Corporation [Jasper International Academy, Subsidiaries and Partners] are committed to the promotion of high standards of ethical conduct in its business activities.

We support the work of the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) who raise public awareness of the importance of doing business ethically and collaborate with other international organisations with interests and expertise in business ethics. We also support the work and principles of the International Transparency Institute.

Transparency International challenges the inevitability of corruption and offers hope to its victims. Since its founding in 1993, TI has played a lead role in improving the lives of millions around the world by building momentum for the anti-corruption movement on a global basis.

The IBE also help organizations to strengthen their ethics culture and encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. Visit our page under About “Company Values and Beliefs”.

Our Policy Statement

We will ensure that our staff are fully informed of the rules, regulations and compliance issues that apply to the work we undertake on behalf of national and international clients.

In particular, we apply this knowledge to the conduct of our business within the framework of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (1999).

All representatives or consultants of Jasper International India Private Limited are required to comply with our ethical policies and procedures.

We seek to collaborate on public and private sectors like-minded organisations who share our strong commitment to ethical and transparent values and principles.

Jasper Global Corporation will aim to ensure that all statements, communications and representations made to prospective clients in project proposals and bid preparations are accurate and truthful.

Once awarded, we will ensure that contracts are implemented according to the agreed specifications, requirements and clauses.

Jasper Global Corporation will not pay bribes or try to influence decisions about awards of projects. We will avoid any conflicts of interest and will inform clients beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could arise during the implementation of contracts. Please do not embarrass our staff or consultants by offering them gifts. All gifts or donations are given to a charity of your choice.

Jasper Global Corporation will only undertake project assignments in its areas of expertise, where it can deliver efficient, effective and high-quality services to its clients.

We will act with loyalty to our clients, and respect the confidentiality of proprietary information that we acquire from partners and clients during the course of our normal business activities.

Brochures and other formal documents will reflect Jasper Global Corporations experience and track record accurately.

We will maintain accurate and complete company records and provide full reports of project activities within the time frame agreed with our clients.

All transactions between the company and outside individuals and organizations will be promptly and accurately entered in our books in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and principles.

We will not take part in any activities that could damage Jasper Global Corporation’s reputation or of that of our clients or partnering organizations.

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