Equal Opportunities Policy

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Equal Opportunities Policy

JASPER GLOBAL Corporation is committed to eliminating discrimination and promoting good relations and equal opportunities.  The Company, in the provision of goods and services and employment of staff, will seek to involve and assist people from all groups in the communities within which we work.

The Company will abide by the relevant applicable legislation in the United Kingdom. It will also conform to relevant custom and practise in any country in which we undertake business.

In addition, it will implement the provision of the CRE Codes of Practice.  In order to achieve this aim, we have adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy, with the intention that:

1.  Any person or group seeking services, employment or contracts with the Company will be treated exactly the same as any other person or group, whatever their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, and whatever their religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, age or marital status.

2.  We will act positively to recruit staff at all levels from under-represented or minority groups.  Where necessary, we will provide training to help achieve this aim (section 9).

3.  We will collect information and monitor records of those seeking work from the Company.  We will ensure that the results, where necessary lead to a change in policy and procedures.

4.  In hiring associated consultants, contractors and other agencies to work on behalf of the Company, we will be mindful of our commitment to equality of opportunity.

5.  All forms of harassment, against or by an associated consultant, employee or contractor will be dealt with promptly, firmly and sensitively.

6.  No action will be taken without first consulting the person being harassed.  We will support and protect the victim.  Where the perpetrator is known and is an associated consultant, employee or contractor, the Company will take appropriate action against the perpetrator.  Where the perpetrator is not an associated consultant, employee or contractor and/or is known, we will take every reasonable practical step to ascertain who was involved in harassing the victim and will take appropriate action.

7.  In terms of assessment services provided by this organisation and its associated consultants, employees and contractors we recognise that it is generally unlawful to discriminate in matters of employment and training either in favour of or against a particular group.  This provision is reflected in the training, development and assessment processes offered by JASPER GLOBAL CORPORATION and its associates and Delivery Centres / Contractors.

8.  It is our policy that all available development assessment opportunities are taken into active consideration when assessing the training development and assessment needs of clients.  Only by examining all possible options, without prejudice or preconception, can we help our clients realise their true potential.

9.  It is our policy that special training is given to our staff to overcome discrimination in the way we offer and conduct services.  This includes ensuring that all staff are fully aware of their responsibilities towards the promotion of equal opportunity and also that they are properly equipped to take account of the different special needs of particular groups and thus make provision for those needs.

10. We will make every effort to ensure that any materials or methods we use do not, by their nature, unfairly discriminate against any individual or group of people.

11. In assessing training, development and assessment needs, individuals will not be denied access because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, and whatever their religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, age or marital status.

12. Should any candidate be identified as requiring any special assessment needs or other assistance this will be monitored during program duration to ensure positive achievement where possible without comprising quality standards.

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