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Code of Professional Conduct

The Code is structured on three basic principles dealing with:

  • High standards of service to the Client
  • Independence, objectivity and integrity
  • Responsibility to the management consultancy profession

The code applies to all Partners, Consultants, Trainers or Associates. Conduct is about the evidence relating to what people do.

Behavioural Principle 1

High Standards of Service to the Client

Duties will be undertaken for the Client diligently, conscientiously and with due regard to the public interest.

Engagements will only be accepted for which the Jasper International Directors, Partners or Associates are suitably qualified.

The work to be carried out shall be clearly described and agreed in writing with the Client. Work will not be undertaken unless the Jasper Global Corporation Directors, Partners or Associates that there are sufficient competent resources to carry it out effectively and efficiently; furthermore all information concerning a client’s affairs will be held as strictly confidential.

Recommendations will be developed specifically for the solution of each Client’s problem/s. Such solutions shall be realistic and practical and clearly understandable by the Client. Furthermore, to ensure efficient performance of the assignment, good management will be exercised through careful planning, frequent progress reviews and effective controls.

Behavioural Principle 2

Independence, Objectivity and Integrity

Any action or situation inconsistent with professional obligations or which in any way might be seen to impair integrity will be avoided.

For this purpose a fully independent position will be maintained with the client at all times, making certain that advice and recommendations are based upon a thorough and impartial consideration of all pertinent facts and circumstances and on opinion developed from reliable relevant experience.

A Client will not be served in circumstances which might impair the Jasper International Directors, Partners or Associates independence, objectivity or integrity and the Client will be informed immediately should such circumstances arise during the course of an assignment; furthermore, Jasper Global Corporation Directors, Partners or Associates will reserve the right to withdraw if circumstances beyond his/her control develop to interfere with the successful conduct of the assignment.

Jasper Global Corporation Directors, Partners or Associates will discuss and agree with the client any significant changes in the objectives, scope, approach, anticipated benefits or other aspects of the assignment which might arise during the course of carrying it out.

Behavioural Principle 3

Responsibility to the Business Consultancy Profession

Jasper Global Corporation Directors, Partners or Associates shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will enhance the standing and public regard of the consultancy profession.

For this purpose s/he will ensure that his/her knowledge and skills are kept up to date and s/he will not knowingly or without permission use copyright material or proprietary data.

Agreements and charges for professional services will be negotiated in a manner recognised as ethical and professional.

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